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            Activate license using License key

            After purchasing a license, you will receive a license key.

            After downloading and installing the software, you need to activate the software in the Options\Activate menu button.

            To activate the software enter your license key (if the license key option is not available, you are probably using an old version of the software, in this case please download the latest version).

            If activation fails, it’s most likely a network issue, please make sure that a firewall, proxy, antivirus software is not blocking access to Power-Planner.com. If you’re unable to resolve the network issue with the help of your local IT dept. contact us to provide you an offline license file.

            In case of server licenses (concurrent, named, subscription) you’ll need to use a local or cloud licensing server, for this please follow the manual for the licensing server.

            Updated: 07 May 2017 06:32 PM
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