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            Backup, Restore or Migrate jobs with Power Update

            Backup the files

            Back up your tasks regularly if you want to make sure you have a current set to restore if the machine has to be rebuilt, make a copy of the following files and directories:
            • C:\Users\[USER]\AppData\Local\Power Update\Settings.xml
            • C:\Windows\System32\Tasks\Power Update

            To Backup:

            1. Copy the Settings.xml, including the path, to the backup drive, and you have all the job definitions.

            2. Copy all the files in the C:\Windows\System32\Tasks\Power Update\ directory, to a backup drive, and you have all the files needed to restore the current environment.

            3. Also take note of the current account and password running the job, as you will need to restore the files under this user.

            To Restore:

            1. Unregister old licensese under Licenses on our webpage

            2. Install the free version of Power Update.

            3. Go to Options, Active. Then enter your username, password and set the Supported Until data provided with your original purchase.

            4. Copy the settings.xml from the backup drive to the same directory.

            5. Copy all the Task Manager files from the backup drive to the same directory.

            6. Restart the computer, log in, and make sure all your jobs are ready to run again.

            If you're using Power Update with a different user on the new computer, change the user for each task under Power Update\Advanced Properties or ControlPanel\Administrative Tools\Task Scheduler\Power Update\Task Name\Properties\General\Change User or Group.
            Also make sure the service user has full file system access to the C:\Users\[USER]\AppData\Local\Power Update and C:\Windows\System32\Tasks\Power Update folders (grant the User or the Everyone user Full access and set that it's inherited to sub-folders).
            Updated: 15 Nov 2017 02:30 PM
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