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            Power Update Maintenance

            Power Update is sold by a one-time fee that gives users a perpetual license to use the software forever. Power ON offers an optional maintenance contract in order continue to receive updates for the software.


            Q: What does a maintenance contract cover?

            The maintenance contract is an in-expensive way to ensure that Power Update continues to run flawlessly. Users receive the following benefits:

            • Automatic access to all new features*
            • Updates to Power Update if the Office version changes, Power Pivot has changes, or Power Query. Currently we support Excel 2010, 2013, 2016 in all editions.
            • Updates if Power BI Desktop Changes. Microsoft is shipping updates monthly.
            • Updates if SQL Server changes. We are currently compatible with all versions up to SQL Server 2016. Power Update also Support SQL Server in Azure.
            • Forum Support
            • Newsletters
            • Tips and tricks on the www.powerpivotpro.com website


            Q: How do I purchase a maintenance contract?

            It is important that users purchase the maintenance BEFORE the end of the current maintenance contract. Users can check the status of the maintenance contract here:

            • Login to www.power-planner.com
            • Login using your User Id and Password
            • Click on Licenses, and you will see the status of the maintenance contract.

            If you are still able to renew, you will see the following screen:


            This Demo User has two licenses:

            • The first line was purchased using the Wire Transfer option. Users who bought the license like this have to click the link to contact sales.
            • The Second license is purchased with a Credit Card through PayPal Processing, and can be renewed by clicking the link on the screen. 
              • The renewal option only comes up 30 days prior to expiration
              • When the payment is processed users can return here to apply the renewal to the license, and the process is complete.

            Q: What if my Maintenance Contract Data has lapsed?

            If the maintenance contract has lapsed, and you don’t see the option to renew the maintenance contract, we offer a 30 day grace period. Contact our Sales Department, with a copy of the original license and we will reinstate the Maintenance Contract.

            If you are beyond the 30 days, you have the option to purchase a new license.

            Q: What if my Maintenance Contract Data has lapsed?

            What if I have downloaded a new version and says “Power Update Free” version:


            You can always revert to an older version:


            • Decide on the vintage of Power Update you have
            • Download and install this version.
            • Then go to Options, Activate and paste in the license key.

            *Power Update might come in different Editions that are not included in the maintenance.

            Updated: 20 May 2017 07:33 PM
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